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About Business & Jobs

The ability to get a job is essential to building assets. When the economy is strong, established businesses feel confident enough to invest in new employees. When entrepreneurs and small business owners have access to fair loans, they can expand and help grow the economy even more.


Business & Jobs in Idaho

Idaho’s unemployment rate is at its lowest rate since 2007. The annual average for 2017 was 3.1 percent unemployment. Low unemployment is good for job seekers and conditions could improve further if the skill gap could be narrowed, which refers to difference between the skills job seekers have to offer and the type of career readiness needed by employers.   


Most Idaho workers are employed by a small business. In fact small businesses comprise more than 99 percent of the businesses owned in the state. Small business ownership occurs at a higher rate in Idaho than the rest of the nation, making it more important to have access to fair lending options.


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