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About Homeownership & Housing Affordability

Housing affordability is critical to achieving self-sufficiency for anyone. When families aren’t cost burdened by paying rent or mortgage, they have more money to pay for other necessities, such as healthcare or transportation. Federal programs like housing vouchers dramatically reduce homelessness and help over a million Americans avoid poverty every year.


Homeownership & Housing Affordability in Idaho

For 2017, the rate of homeownership in Idaho stood right at around 70 percent, beating the national average of 64 percent. However, the outlook for affordable rental units is not as promising. The National Low Income Housing Coalition notes that as of 2018, Idaho faces a critical shortage in affordable places to live for its workforce and their families.
All told, Idaho faces a deficit of nearly 30,000 affordable units for extremely low-income and low-income renters.

Resources on Homeownership & Housing Affordability