Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) 

Through proven practice, research, advocacy, coalition building, and partnerships, CFED promotes policies at the federal, state and local levels to expand economic opportunity for low- and moderate-income households

Close the Gap Idaho

Thousands of uninsured Idahoans automatically have eligible for assistance to help them purchase coverage through the state’s health insurance exchange. This is keeping these middle-income families healthier and more financially secure.

However, thousands of Idahoans have been left out because they earn too little to qualify and can’t get covered through their jobs. Idaho has not yet taken action to make coverage available for this group of hardworking Idahoans who fall into the ‘coverage gap.’

Healthy Idaho Plan

Idaho is considering a unique health care plan that would increase the quality and efficiency of the care most Idahoans receive as well as expand health care coverage to 103,000 Idahoans working and living at the poverty line, including 5000 veterans and their spouses. If implemented, the plan can save Idaho $173 million which could be used to address important needs in education and provide tax savings.